About Me


 I’m 24 and grew up in Exeter, NH. I have been doing pottery passionately for about 5 years. I took classes in college, then at Portland Pottery studio. As soon as I saved up enough money for my own wheel and kiln I knew I wanted to start Dani Lee Pottery. At this time I also started really practicing throwing and teaching myself (with the help of Facebook groups) the tips and tricks of glazing. In 2016 I got a job at a production studio which helped me learn a lot that I wouldn’t have in a classic ceramic/pottery school. A few things happened and I took them as a sign from the Universe to dive deep into Dani Lee Pottery. Last year I did a few festivals, created my online store, gained hundreds of followers on Instagram and started a studio at Exeter Station Properties. In 2019 my goal is to keep growing, creating, and providing functional art. As well as color, my inspiration lately has been spirituality, the moon, and symbols that help connect us to what’s important to oneself.