Spell Serum Leo Mug

Spell Serum Leo Mug

15.00 30.00

Holds 16-18 oz  

  • Approximately 4-5 in tall

  • Approximately 3 in wide at the rim  

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Handle With Care

July 23 - August 22nd

  • Symbol: The Lion

  • Quality: Fixed

  • Element: Fire

  • Ruling Planet: The Sun

  • Body Part: Heart, upper back, spine

Leos are entertainers at heart: they know how to spin a story, belt a tune and to get others hyped up around them. Warm-hearted and authentic, Leos can offer great strength and heroism in the face of adversity, pouncing upon obstacles with their prowess and determination to be Number One. You can often find them going to the theater—or starring in a production themselves!—and taking endless photos and videos. Wooing them romantically means pulling out all the stops. Treat Leo to luxe but meaningful gifts, oversized roses, lavish dates, and they might just decide to pounce on YOU! Sometimes their energy can be too dramatic or overbearing. But if you’re willing to adore your Leo—paws, flaws, and all—you’ll be rewarded richly with their worshipful devotion and affection. That said, some Leos can fall more into the “ice queen/king” realm of their royal family. These haughty and aloof Lions who can be self-centered and even elitist. They must work to open their hearts, giving rather than just taking. Sure having all the toys feels good for a moment. But they may learn the hard way that it can be lonely at the top!

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